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-Это все об искусстве-

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Linguistic services
Transcribe and write
Converting a voice track to text (a video clip, a television article, a video from YouTube or Facebook)
The transcription will reflect the tone of speech, delay in the sequence of speech, mindset of the speaker(s), intention of the speaker(s).

Editing for business, marketing and academic texts
Proofreading, linguistic editing and content editing.
Correcting and unifying the spelling and punctuation
Adapting the text to the rules of the Hebrew Language Academy
Basic spelling mistakes
Proofread text that has already been edited

Language editing
Syntax corrections
Clarification of cumbersome or ambiguous wording

Enriching the language: precision in the choice of words, vocabulary
Uniting the combination or raising it accord
ing to the need and the nature of the text

Content editing
Finding repetitions, contradictions or deficiencies in the content
Detection of defects in the structure
He will write if necessary

Writing greetings for events
Writing speeches

Adjusting text to timeline

For Tv, social media, privet work and more

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LOGO CUBE 2023.jpg
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